Domain Conferences

There are a spate of domain conferences over the next couple of months. Seems to be a huge growth industry! These days, networking is part of the recipe of success.

The first cab off the rank is DomainX 2016 in New Delhi on 6th / 7th August. An additional one day module called BlogX was added on Friday 5th, and this looks to be quite popular. The organisers describe it so:

“BlogX is a blog conference where bloggers and content managers connect to learn while networking with industry leaders in the blogging community”.

I attended as a speaker last year in Bangalore, and had the most wonderful time.

Whilst I was invited to speak again this year, I withdrew about six weeks ago for personal reasons. I was really disappointed to do so, as I was so looking forward to catching up with old and new friends alike.

As many involved in the conference are now aware, there was also a major fall out between several personalities involved in the organization of DomainX 2016. This was made public (which really saddened me) – particularly as I am friends with all parties. As I told them all, I just wished that they would have “kissed and made up”. Disharmony is dangerous – and generally never augurs well!

I also understand that not all speakers currently listed on their site will actually be attending. Some have had to withdraw for personal and business reasons. If I were the organizers (Manmeet and Gaurav), I would get your website updated very quickly – you wouldn’t want to be accused of misrepresentation! 😉

Despite the above, I offer you my best wishes for a great event – and I look forward to hearing and reading all about it soon.

Other Conferences

Coming up in September are The Domain Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; followed a short while later by DOMAINfest Asia in Hong Kong.

I’ll be writing about these separately – they both have some amazing speakers lined up. I really wish I could go to both!

Then there is NamesCon in January! Wild horses wouldn’t keep me away.

Ned O’Meara – 21 July 2016