Jeff Marr – Founder / Director of Lottery.com.au, Former Co-Founder of Bookmaker.com.au (now Ladbrokes Australia), Former Co-Founder of OMG.com.au – Online Marketing Group

“Although I have only known Ned for a relatively short time, he does display a dogged determination and unrelenting persistence to protect the rights of domain name owners right across Australia. It’s for this reason that I support his election to the auDA Board.”


Andrew Wright – Marketing Project Manager, Brisbane

“I’ve known Ned for nearly ten years, and during that time he’s shown that he is a man of principle and conviction.

He’s an ideal candidate, and I strongly recommend that Demand Class members get behind him.”

Paul Szyndler – Former General Manager – International and Government Affairs – auDA

“I first worked with Ned on the 2012 auDA Industry Advisory Panel. During that process, and over the proceeding years, I’ve found Ned to be a passionate, informed and collaborative contributor to the Australian Domain Name community.

Ned’s ability to negotiate and consider multiple scenarios and options, while also fearlessly standing up for matters of principle, make him an ideal candidate for the auDA Board.”

Richard Green – Technical Lead – IE Digital – Melbourne

“Over many years, I’ve come to realise Ned’s passion for the .au space is unsurpassable. He has stood up and fought for transparency in our industry many times, and often does so at the expense of his own affairs.

I’ve been an auDA member for 7 years, and I think Ned is exactly what the organization needs. He would make an excellent Director – and I endorse him wholeheartedly.”

Jen Sale – Co-Founder – Evergreen.com

“As a colleague of Ned’s for many years, I’ve been inspired by his enthusiasm, dedication, work ethic, and willingness to invest whatever it takes to protect and grow the Australian domain name space.

I would recommend Ned as an auDA Director, without any hesitation, and would feel very confident that the future of our industry would be in safe and experienced hands.”

Erwin Groen – ErwinGroen.com.au

“Since joining auDA as a demand class member I feel that not much open communication has occurred between its members and the auDA organisation. There needs to be much more transparency with the things that are going on, especially now that direct implementation of .au at the second level might be occurring.

I feel that at times, the only way I seem to get anything out with what’s happening is when I access the forums or read the news. I feel that Ned O’Meara is a good communicator, expresses things opinions openly, professionally and directly & in a non-biased way to all who own Australian domain names.

I believe that auDA board needs someone like Ned, & I would happily endorse him as a demand class Director.”


“There will never be a nominee with a greater history of advocacy for transparency and accountability within auDA than Ned O’Meara.”

Nikki Scholes – Operations Manager – Netfleet

“Ned tirelessly fights for the integrity of the .au domain space. I’ve found him to be trustworthy, transparent and honest, dealing with difficult issues head on. Traits which should be prevalent in the .au Administration.

He is one of the most passionate and knowledgable people about the .au domain space, and looks for the best outcome for all stakeholders. Having experience on both the demand and supply side, I believe Ned is well positioned for auDA directorship and will help steer the ship in the right direction.”

Ian Jackson – Director Professionals Travel Cover and Head Boomer, Boomers Travel Insurance

“When myself and fellow shareholders made the decision to sell our high value domain, my independent research suggested Ned was the best man for the job.

Fortunately after having engaged Ned I was immediately comfortable that my decision was vindicated. His experience, professionalism and extensive contacts all pointed to us getting an outcome we desired. If anything, Ned exceeded our expectations. I suggest that if you are in the market to buy or sell a domain, have a chat with him before making any formal commitments.” December 12, 2016

Robin Maes – Director Digital Media at Amalgamated Holdings Limited


 “It is a pleasure to work with a person of Ned’s caliber and pedigree in the domain space. His honest and straightforward approach to negotiations is commendable. He holds a wealth of knowledge and insights to help business of all sizes. I was very lucky to find services by chance and I’m sure look forward to many more dealings in the future”. November 23, 2015

Brett Kruger – Commercial Product Manager at Laundry Solutions Australia


“As someone who has had hundreds of dealings with individuals & companies online over the past 15 or so years it is always such a pleasant surprise when you encounter a person like Ned. From the initial contact to doing the deal Ned was the consummate professional & true gentleman. If you are looking to purchase a premium domain then Ned is your man! He comes with my highest recommendation. Thanks Ned for such a smooth & painless transaction”. August 17, 2015

James Gerrard CFP – Director | Financial Advisor at FinancialAdvisor.com.au

15973a9“Ned is one of the most professional people that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He is upfront, knowledgable and credible as I experienced during a number of successful business transactions. The internet/domain industry has its risks and unscrupulous operators however Ned is an authority in the field and a person that you can trust. I would highly recommend Ned and his services”. May 28, 2015

Shawn Brown – Principal Solicitor at Townsville Conveyancing Lawyers

14d7c92Since purchasing a premium domain name from Ned about 12 months ago, Ned has continued to be a source of information about investing in domain names, as well as assisting me build my existing portfolio. I have been fortunate in doing business with Ned as he has helped me acquire several domains that will form the basis for future start-ups. One of Ned’s skills is sourcing ‘brand-in-a-box’ domains. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting to secure a premium domain name, or learn more about the domain name industry”. May 24, 2015.

Cameron Bell – Operations Manager – Drop.com.au / Fabulous

33aab23“I’ve been working with Ned in the AU domain space for over 5 years. His knowledge, commitment and passion for the industry really set him apart.

Time and again, Ned has bought or sold domains with me reliably, promptly and courteously. Ned’s reputation in the industry speaks for itself, there are few in the AU space that do not know him and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others”. May 22, 2015.

Peter Andronicos – CEO | Managing Director – eChoice

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALZAAAAJDEwODJmMWQzLWNlMWEtNGQzNS1iZGNmLTdlMzZmZmNlMTA5MA“I have worked with Ned for quite a few years in varied companies from OMG to now eChoice. Ned has been instrumental in the sourcing, acquiring and negotiating on a number of domain names I have secured over the years. If you get the chance to work with him you can feel confident in his credibility and professionalism”. May 20, 2015.

Luke Howes – CEO of MoneyBuddy

3df5e56-2“Ned is a great person to work with. Professionally, he’s a sharp negotiator with an eye for opportunity. Personally, he’s engaging and friendly and someone who gives back to the communities in which he’s involved.
If you’re looking to sell your domain name assets I couldn’t think of a better person than Ned and if you’re looking to purchase a domain Ned is the guy to be in contact with!” May 19, 2015.

Anthony Peake – Director at Domain Shield Pty Ltd

29c5406“Ned has been a consistently good client of mine for more than five years and across three different companies. He has consistently challenged my companies to provide him with a valuable service and then supported those companies wholeheartedly once the service was being delivered as promised.

It has been rewarding and educational for me to debate various topics with Ned via both online forums and offline meetings. He is both generous with his time and shows a genuine interest in bettering our industry by sharing his experiences with others. He has assisted countless others by helping them avoid pitfalls he may have encountered”. May 19, 2015.

Don Rankin – Owner, Accommodation @ Australia Pty Ltd


“Ned, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the 10 years of friendship and the business relations we have had.

I believe you are the most honest hard working person I know in the domain industry, and your knowledge is without doubt the best and most highly suited to be a demand class director on the AUDA Board.

There is hardly a person in the domain industry who does not know you, and with all the proposed changes coming to au space, I would rather have you making sure we get it right.”

Jamie Osborn – Managing Director, Alternative Capital Solutions

0d869a5“Happy to recommend Ned and Domain Syndicates. In all our dealings I have found Ned to be very responsive and he has always acted with high levels of integrity”. November 25, 2014.

Damien Waller – Founder & Chairman @ iSelect Ltd

3ec1c65“I have found Ned excellent to deal with and is a highly regarded Domain Broker in the Australian market. I can thoroughly recommend him”. November 7, 2014.


James Kitchener – Director at Jack Media

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAI-AAAAJGNlMGRmNDlmLTdlYzYtNGNkYS05MmZmLWYwMDQ3YzMxNTViZA“Ned is a born salesman with an unbelievable knack for moving domain names with an outstanding knowledge of the Australian domain market.

We use and highly recommend Ned for all domain name brokering services as he has the highest integrity and always leaves a smile on our faces”. September 17, 2013.

Philip Littlewood – Regional Sales Manager at Nexgen Australia

“Ned is the consummate Sales Professional. His level of integrity, his enthusiasm and his desire for a Win-Win is second to none.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Ned for the last 6 months, whilst he has been engaged brokering a number of key premium domains for OMG, as well as buying names for his own portfolio.

Not only has Ned taught me a huge amount about the Domain name industry, but he has taught me so much more about Sales professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethics. What Ned doesn’t know about sales is clearly not worth knowing. I have no doubt, that I am not the only person who honestly believes that Ned is the best in the business.

Whether you are a Buyer, Seller or a novice in the Domain Name space, I would strongly recommend getting to know Ned, and I know that you will enjoy the experience”. July 4, 2013.

Other References
Steven Baxt – Domain Investor / Developer from Sydney

“Since our first deal in 2008 I have had the pleasure of doing business with Ned countless times. I have felt at ease and confident in every one of our transactions, as Ned is a true professional who has been in the domain game a very long time. Ned has always honoured our agreements and I happily endorse him.” May 18, 2015.

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