3 Letter Domains – Lethal Weapons!

Businessmen Holding Up Win PlacardOh yeah!

If you have a 3 word business, partnership or company name, then you should definitely try and acquire a 3 letter acronym domain. They are just so valuable – and becoming more so every month as supply diminishes.

In Australia, the best 3 letter domain name ends in com.au.

Don’t be tempted to dabble with “something cheaper” or different!

In this article, I give you some very good reasons why you should have one! Also, I discuss values – plus give you some sales evidence of businesses that have made the investment.

Why Invest In One?

  • A domain name is your identity on the internet – and thus the most integral feature of your online business operations.
  • It makes sense to acquire the best domain name that you possibly can. It’s not a cost – it’s an investment that will work for you 24/7.
  • A 3 letter domain name is so easy to remember; and gives businesses credibility and trust in the marketplace.
  • Short and easy to type – no confusion or hesitation for your clients (or potential clients!).
  • Particularly significant for mobile internet search.
  • It becomes your brand – your identifier. Stands you apart from your competition.
  • They are unique – as there will only ever be one set of your letters available in a .com.au domain.
  • Currently they are relatively inexpensive to acquire here in Australia (in the USA, good 3L dot com domains regularly sell for 5 and 6 figures!).
  • Due to their scarcity, 3 letter domains are always going to be an asset (and capable of being re-sold).

What are they worth?

As more and more businesses become aware of the power and “brandability” of these short domains, the more valuable they become.

It’s the old supply and demand principle.

Current market values see these selling from lowish 4 figures. Some particularly good ones (that are also brandables) have sold for substantial 5 figure amounts (like spa.com.au). On average, my 3L domain sales have been between $3000 and $8000 (+ GST). As I said earlier, that is just SO INEXPENSIVE for an asset that is going to be of benefit for many years.

Remember that after the initial up front expenditure, it’s only going to cost you about $25 every two years to keep your domain name renewed. Ask yourself what other types of advertising and branding cost you on a regular basis? That’s got to be a “no brainer” decision!

Sales Evidence

Here are just some of the 3 letter domains that I have assisted businesses in purchasing:

•             acs.com.au – Australian Computer Solutions

•             afp.com.au – Australian Forest Products

•             ahp.com.au – Active Holiday Parks

•             ail.com.au – Adaptive Interactive Learning

•             aoe.com.au – Not in use as yet (read featured article)

•             avp.com.au – AVP Corporate Finance

•             bfp.com.au – Blenkhorn Financial Planners

•             bwl.com.au – Blackstone Waterhouse Lawyers

•             crg.com.au – Custom Realty Group

•             dfe.com.au – Dished & Flanged Ends

•             eag.com.au – Energy Apprenticeships Group

•             eap.com.au – Evans and Partners

•             egm.com.au – Earlwood Growers Market

•             ehs.com.au – Elite Health Supplements

•             esa.com.au – Electronic Scoreboards Australia

•             ewe.com.au – Everfast Worldwide Express

•             fla.com.au – Freight Logistics

•             frs.com.au – Financial Reporting Specialists

•             fyc.com.au – Frankston Yacht Club

•             gam.com.au – Not in use as yet

•             gbr.com.au – Great Barrier Reef Helicopters

•             gtt.com.au – Go Team Training

•             idf.com.au – IDF Trading

•             jht.com.au – Jones Harley Toole

•             jmk.com.au – JM Kelly Builders

•             kht.com.au – KHT Chartered Accountants

•             kme.com.au – Krav Maga Evolution

•             kye.com.au – Not in use as yet

•             kpg.com.au – Kilcor Property Group

•             lbe.com.au – Luke Billingham Engineering

•             mbs.com.au – Modular Building Systems

•             mwt.com.au – MWT Transport

•             nes.com.au – Dixon Advisory

•             nvc.com.au – Noise Vibration Consultants

•             occ.com.au – Optical Cable Corporation

•             ocg.com.au – Not in use as yet

•             olp.com.au – Office Line Products

•             otc.com.au – Online Tax Centre (read featured article)

•             ovh.com.au – OVH.com

•             ovo.com.au – Optus Mobile Network

•             pfi.com.au – Paradigm Funding Innovations

•             phc.com.au – Passion Health Care

•             pph.com.au – Platinum Plant Hire

•             pwg.com.au – Partners Wealth Group

•             qdc.com.au – QLD Design & Construct

•             qhr.com.au – Quantitative Human Resources

•             rfs.com.au – Refuelling Solutions

•             rpa.com.au – Right Property Australia

•             spa.com.au – SPA.com.au (read featured article)

•             svc.com.au – SVC Products

•             umf.com.au – Urban Moto Finance

•             uls.com.au – Not in use as yet

•             vlr.com.au – VLR.net.au

•             wow.com.au – MDGS

•             wga.com.au – Wallbridge & Gilbert

A Final Thought

Would you be disappointed if your competition or some other business acquired “YOUR ACRONYM”? I have seen it happen quite a few times!

It’s just like real estate – there is always more than one buyer for valuable, well-positioned property.

If you snooze; you may possibly lose!

Ned O’Meara 20th June 2016

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  • July 1, 2016 at 3:44 am

    From an investment standpoint Ned 3-letters can be speculative.  Mostly if you are going to do you should stick to premium domain letters. Don’t you agree?

    • July 1, 2016 at 8:26 am

      How do you know what are premium letters? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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