So far in December, there have been a number of big .com domain name sales. 

On December 1st sold for $20,001. On the same day, sold for $16,500, which was an 823% increase in price over when it last sold in 2013. 

December 2nd saw the sale of for $42,500. sold for $11,000 which was a 459% increase from when it last sold in 2013 for $1968. 

A big sale for $139,001 was made on December 4th for sold for $56,501 on December 5th.

On December 6th, sold for $13,500. sold last week for $3,075, a 2721% increase over the last time it was sold in 2016.

On December 8th sold for $22,500. This is a 41% increase in the sales price from the last sale of the domain in May of 2018. sold for $27,055 on December 10th.

A great .io domain name sold on December 11th which was, which sold for $25,000 at

On December 12th, sold for $27,200.

And on December 13th, sold for $20,343.

2 thoughts on “.com Sales Update – Dec ’19

  • December 18, 2019 at 9:53 am

    Looks like there were 2 attendees at the Snoopy show last night with Chris (DNTrade) not even attending lol

    Wonder if Peter went?

    On the agenda (Snoopy’s agenda):

    “Themes for the night,
    Direct registrations: Is it dead?
    Bitcoin, Up or Down? (I say down!)”

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  • December 26, 2019 at 11:04 pm

    Nope I couldn’t get there but I would have been happy to turn up for a Christmas drink if possible. I’ve never met Snoopy before but I have respect for someone who registered premium .com domains in the mid 90’s and still holds a number today as well as having a track record of good sales.

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