auDA Returns Some Transparency

Well done auDA. Last night, I was informed by Di Parker (Company Secretary) that this year’s Minutes have been returned to the auDA website. Di did apologise for the delay, but explained that she had been on some leave post the Special General Meeting.

As I said at the SGM, Di is an absolute asset to auDA. The organisation and members are lucky to have her.

It’s great to have the Minutes back up. Even though so much “stuff” is missing, you still get a feel for what has been going on in the background. That’s what members wanted – and what we fought so hard for.

A Few Interesting Things

♦  In the April Minutes, direct registrations were recommended to be put on hold for at least a year. (Item 5).

♦  Big changes in the leadership of the auDA Foundation – (Item 6.b).

♦  In the May Minutes, interesting to see that Erhan Karabardak dissented from the Board’s decision to not publish Minutes (Item 6).

♦  The June Minutes are very interesting. Lots of highlights, including acknowledgment of the Members S249D application. Once again, Erhan Karabardak makes a dissenting statement:

“Erhan Karabardak stated that he supported re-instating the previously published minutes as well as
publishing future board minutes. The Board discussed this and supported their resolution of 13 February 2017 to remove the past minutes and to cease publishing board minutes.”

♦  Item 6 discusses the rebranding of auDA. They resolved to rename the organisation to auHQ. (Thanks for not putting this to the Members first! Grrr!). Good to see Simon Johnson dissenting.

♦  Item 7 (b) – Direct Registration Consultation Report

“The Board discussed that the low response rate and incomplete responses indicate that we need an
increased PR/education campaign which provision has been included in the 2017-18 Budget.”

♦  The Deloitte report (about the efficacy of .au) commissioned at the end of November keeps getting pushed back each and every Board meeting!


It would be great if more Directors noted their dissent when they felt it appropriate.

The ex-Chair would probably still have his job if the Board had listened to Erhan Karabardak in May & June.

As always, interested in your observations and comments.

Ned O’Meara – 9th August 2017


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  • August 9, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    They must have realised killing the first three resolutions would bring all the anger out in the 4th resolution.


    When mates get sick of each other and throw them under the bus.

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