Domain News Snippets

Rather than just write a new single subject story each time, Domainer is also going to reintroduce a regular news bulletin of snippets relating to domains in Australia. By regular, this means perhaps twice a week at this stage! We used to do this some time ago.

Todays topics include a revamped expired auction platform at Drop; auDA’s new charges for external review; auDA’s blog link on monetisation; and finally, a solid rumour that there is a new drop catcher in the wings!

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auDA’s New Rules – Amnesty Period?

One of the biggest changes regarding Australian domain names is due to come into force next Monday – 12th April 2020. There are to be new licensing rules that will affect the registration and renewal of Aussie domains.

My experience over 20 years tells me that there are going to be many registrants that wouldn’t have a clue this is happening. Hence the title of this article. I wonder whether the auDA Board and Management have considered a short amnesty period for registrants to get their “house in order”? It would be a wonderful gesture.

Read more – Creating An Online Property

Whilst I have lots of domain names, the amount I have actually developed over the years is fairly minimal. Like many other domain investors, I tend to “park” my domains with a professional parking provider. Doing this gives me a lot of flexibility whilst I consider future options. In the interim, I get a small amount of monthly income, plus can indicate that the domain may be for sale.

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Aussie Aftermarket Sales Booming

There is no question in my mind that the Covid-19 pandemic has inspired aftermarket domain name sales here in Australia – as it has done around the world.

A lot of people who were suddenly faced with no job had the impetus needed to convert that “idea” they had been thinking about for ages into reality. And for that they needed a good domain name.

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auDA Manager Explains Compliance & Complaints

The process of handling Australian Domain Name complaints is changing on the 12th April – less than one month away. auDA’s Compliance Manager Steph Viljoen did a short online presentation last week on an ICANN Forum. If you are a domain investor or registrant, it is definitely well worth watching.

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