auDA Complaints – Prevention Beats Cure!

Many domain investors are reporting a surge in the number of complaints they are receiving via their Registrar/s – or directly from auDA.

An auDA complaint generally stems from someone who wants your domain but does not wish to pay a market value for it. Making a complaint is currently very easy – online process; costs nothing; and can be done anonymously.

As the subject headline suggests, prevention is definitely better than cure! As domain investors, we must try and follow the rules – even if we sometimes disagree.

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It “Pays” To Have A Premium Domain Name!

In July 2019, I brokered the sale of between two long standing clients (and friends) of mine. To this day, it is still a record price for a 3 Letter domain in Australia.

Fast forward to today, and the site is in “beta” mode with a lot of interest from both institutional investors and SME’s.

If you are a good operator, this is what a premium domain name can do for any business. Gravitas and credibility!

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Domain Investor’s Wish List 2021

As someone who has been a domain investor for nearly two decades, 2020 was my absolute best year in terms of domain sales. Due to Covid-19, people and businesses have realised that an online presence is essential. And that starts with a good domain name.

I have also seen many changes in the .au domain name space over the years. None more so than recent times! So here’s what I would like to see going forward. How about you?

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A Little Bird Told Me That auDA …

With all the contemplated and anticipated changes that auDA have basically committed to, the big one is of course Direct Registration. That is the ability to register a domain such as

But there are some prior rights afforded to existing registrants, and these are governed by what is known as the cut-off date. I have it on good authority that this date may be changed.

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Well Done auDA (well sort of)!

A couple of days ago, I wrote this article about people and businesses rorting the system by registering domain names when they were not entitled to do so. I urged auDA to take action by doing an audit (just like they sometimes do to us domain investors when they get an anonymous complaint).

Well, I got so many calls and emails and LinkedIn messages in support about this. Absolutely amazing.

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Them’s The auDA Rules (Part 2 – Rorts!)

There is a rort going on, and it involves ineligible entities and people registering domain names when they are not supposed to. They are not following auDA rules, and the regulator seems to be letting them get away with it.

auDA needs to concentrate their compliance weapons on those doing the most damage.

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