Expired Auctions – Monday 3rd October

Bought the Domain 2It was a really interesting day on the “drops” yesterday. For the first time in ages, Netfleet had an absolute shocker as you can see below! Not sure if it had anything to do with their system being affected by the move to daylight saving a couple of days prior?

Domain Shield won a couple of nice ones (and they contine to pick up their fair share of contested domains) – and Drop.com.au have had a “ball tearer” of a run lately too!

Netfleet Results


Drop.com.au Results



Amongst the bigger sales, they picked up Swags.com.au and VAW.com.au (both for me coincidentally!).

A number of people are always asking me what were the particular results on a given day, so a daily “expired auctions” post will now be a regular feature on Domainer.

Let’s see what today brings – and remember, don’t be afraid to pay!

Ned O’Meara – 4th October 2016