I understand that some people feel more comfortable communicating by email, but if you have a phone number for a prospective buyer, then in my opinion it would be crazy not to call them.

I do usually start with an email reply to enquiries, but I also like to follow up with a phone call if I don’t hear back.

Today I’ve been doing some follow up calls and I’ve had some great conversations. I love hearing about peoples ideas and business ventures.

I’ve been able to upsell and cross-sell all through some quick phone calls. Once you have someone on the line you can find out more about what they’re looking for, which gives you the opportunity to suggest other domains to meet their needs.

In my experience, you’ll learn more about a potential buyer through a quick phone call than you would through exchanging a dozen emails.

It’s amazing what a difference a conversation can make, so pick up the phone and boost your sales!