Who are SEO WEB RECOVERY and why are they suddenly dropping their domain names?

In a new twist to the domain names ‘Guzzini’ has been purchasing, many of us have been watching recently as many of Guzzini’s domains have been moving over to a company called ‘SEO Web Recovery’. And this has been happening mostly ever since the time I was banned from bidding on the Drop.com.au auctions (I was banned in May 2021).

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The Kiwis Show Us How They Do It

There has been a lot of recent discussion about our (current) sole expired domain name marketplace in Australia – Drop.com.au. Most of this has revolved around a perceived lack of transparency during and after the bidding process; and the incremental levels of bids a bidder may need to place.

Today Domainer wants to show you how our Kiwi cousins do it. Judge for yourself which you prefer.

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Domain News Snippets

Rather than just write a new single subject story each time, Domainer is also going to reintroduce a regular news bulletin of snippets relating to domains in Australia. By regular, this means perhaps twice a week at this stage! We used to do this some time ago.

Todays topics include a revamped expired auction platform at Drop; auDA’s new charges for external review; auDA’s blog link on monetisation; and finally, a solid rumour that there is a new drop catcher in the wings!

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